Thursday, January 29, 2009

Melanie's Wedding

Melanie and Brady's Wedding
Jan. 3, 2009

Matt's sister, Melanie, married Brady Leavitt at the Mt. Timpanogos Temple on Jan. 3. It was a beautiful day with blue skies and fresh snow from the night before, but it was freezing! They are such a cute couple! Here are a few of the pictures we took:

Here's Tanner freezing his tail off!

Tanner, Chase and Bray

The Reception

The reception was held at the Woods on Ninth in Midvale, Utah
The Martinez family wives were the bridesmaids. I could BARELY squeeze into my dress after all of the eating that I had been doing over the holidays, but somehow I got myself into it. I just couldn't breathe much!

The Martinez brothers and brother-in-law, Greg with Brady.

Riley, Mia and Morgan. They were the only granddaughters that would stay for a picture. I just wish Riley would smile. I thought these dresses were so cute. Morgan was a good sport wearing a girly dress when she's 11 years old.

The Martinez family grandsons minus Mateo. He wouldn't stay in the picture. They looked so cute in their matching ties.

We found Mateo

Here I am with Riley. Would Riley please smile?

Jess and Suzi

Brayden with his cousin (on my side), Sadie.

Melanie, who has a beautiful voice, sang a solo for Brady.

Here I am with my brother, Jim and his family, and my sister, Jen.

Diane, me and Jen.
While the band was playing, Brayden, Chase and Parker started making up dance moves to the music. It was hilarious. Mia hopped in after a while.
Lucy, Oakley and Mia.
Tanner and his best friend, and cousin, Bryce!


Diane said...

These pics are sooo cute! I love it! We are so bad at taking pictures--we'll have to get some copies! We miss ya!

traci said...

She looks beautiful as do you and all of your kids. I am still thinking she should have gotten married here in Louisville so that you had a reason to come.

Kristi said...

What a FUN wedding! I LOVE Melanie's dress. I am glad you got to have such a fun time with your family.

Jamie Y said...

Love the dress, love the cake, love the bridesmaids dresses...can I seriously just re-do my wedding??

Betsy's Blog said...

Wow, the pictures are wonderful. Melanie had such a beautiful wedding and your kids are so cute. I love the dresses. You look amazing. Wish we were still neighbors.
Miss ya!