Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mia's Baptism

Mia's Baptism

Here a couple pictures that Matt took of her in her baptism dress:

The baptism took place on October 24, 2010. We didn't have much family there, but we had Matt's parents, my mom and a great turnout of friends who came to support Mia. The grandmas gave the prayers, Matt and his dad gave the talks and Bradyen played a song on the piano. It was a really nice program.

Here are Matt and Mia just before the baptism. She was so excited.

Mia had a lot of friends there. They were so cute and all came up and hugged her when the baptism was over. Here is a cute picture of Mia and her friends.

Mia and Matt after the baptism. Mia was glowing. She was so happy to finally be baptized.

Matt and I with Mia outside the church.

We had a dinner at our house for our family and friends after the baptism. Here are Matt and I with our kids, my mom and Matt's parents. I'm not sure what happened to Brayden's tie. He was wearing it at the baptism.

Grandma and Grandpa Martinez with Mia.

Mia had a wonderful baptism. It was a beautiful day with family and friends. She was so happy to finally be baptized. We love you, Mia!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mia turns 8!

Mia turns 8!

Mia turned 8 on October 1st. It was the last day of school before fall break and it was a free dress day (meaning no uniform) for school. I brought her Chick-fil-a for lunch to the school. Here are a couple pics on her big day.

Since it was still warm on her birthday, we decided to have a hula, swim party. Everyone wore their swimsuits and got grass skirts and leis to wear. The grass from the dollar store skirts was all over my house by the end of the night, but girls loved them.

Here's a group shot of most of the girls. A couple of them came late. (l-r: Camilla, Ellie, Riley, Makell, Kinley, Mia, Maddie, Kylie, Tanner, Addi and Marlee)

Here's the group with Allee and Lia who came a little late.

Kylie decked out in her hula attire.

As the girls arrived, we got them all ready in their hula skirts and leis.

The limbo contest. Here is Addi looking good. I think she won.


Tanner just walked under the limbo stick.

Tanner and many leis!


Some of the girls decided to make their own little "oaisis" in the palm trees.

We BBQ'd for dinner.

We printed out group pictures of all of them and then they made and decorated frames to put them in.


We had cupcakes with cute little tropical umbrellas. The party was a success and they had a great time. Happy 8th Birthday, Mia!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Twins B-day 2010

Tanner and Riley turn 5!
I can't believe my twins are now 5 years old. It has been over 5 years since I was last pregnant. Where does the time go? August 30 was their official birthday. They went to school and came home with their b-day crowns that Tanner didn't want to take off. Since they are only in school half day, I took them to their choice for lunch. They chose McDonalds. I must love them, because I really don't like McDonalds. We had a fun lunch there.

Tanner enjoying his delicious McDonalds lunch!

Riley loves her chocolate milk.

Bug and Flower Birthday Party

That afternoon we had a "Bug and Flower" birthday party for the twins. I found some cute ideas online for boy/girl twins. It turned out to be cute.

Since they are only 5, I didn't want to make it too huge. Here are the kids (minus Lilee and Olivia who came late). Camilla and Mia were my "helpers".

Rylee (or "Big Rylee as Riley calls her) came to help out too. Here she is with Brayden. Rylee is like my 3rd daughter and a good friend of Brayden's.

The kids are lined up to play the exciting game of "Pin the Flower on the Ladybug". Notice Tanner is still wearing his hat from school!

Riley acts like she's Tanner's mother. She's spinning him for the game.

The kids had to find the hidden bugs around the family room for the next game. If it hadn't been 110 outside, I might have hid them in the backyard.

The Pinata!


The Bug and Flower cupcakes!

You think I could have possibly done Riley's hair for her birthday party?

Cute pic of Rylee and Tanner. It was a successful party! I'm getting pretty good at throwing last minute parties!