Sunday, January 11, 2009

School Christmas Parties 2008

This was the first year I have ever gone to all my kids' school Christmas parties. I've always had a little one (or two) at home and was unable to go. This was a treat to be able to help out and stop by each of my kids' classes.

Mia's Class

In Kindergarten, Mia's class made the traditional graham cracker on the milk carton gingerbread houses. I think all my kids have made a few of these over the years, but it was fun to do it with Mia this time. Here' Mia with her friends, Belle and Camilla.

Here's Mia with long way to go on that gingerbread house!

Chase's Class

Chase is in a 3rd grade class with more parent volunteers than they could use. So, they didn't need anymore help with the party, but I stopped in and said hi.

Chase with his good friend, Gavin. Since the kids have to wear uniforms, they love to have the occasional dress down day. Chase and Bray both chose their BYU shirts. What a surprise! Gavin is a big ASU fan, hence, the thumbs down at BYU!

Chase with Sam. He and Chase were on the same page as to what to wear to school!

Brayden's Class

Here's Brayden with his friend, Zane.

Brayden's 6th grade class played a game where they stuck a sucker in their mouth each time they couldn't guess which Christmas song was being played. I think Brayden had to put about 10 suckers in his mouth. It was pretty gross!

Twin's Preschool Party

Tanner and Riley made some graham cracker gingerbread houses too. I think Tanner ate all of the candy off of his before we even got home!

Riley was more interested in eating the frosting than decorating her house!

The gift exchange.

The class sang some of their songs to us and did the pledge of allegience for us. I'm can't believe how much my 3 years olds have learned this year. They love Shining Stars Preschool.


Deanna said...

You're a good mom Julie. Look at you going to every one of their parties. Fun! I think we got two gingerbread milk carton houses this year. Glad you're back. How are you feeling by the way?

Jen said...

Julie what fun times with your kids. They are all so sweet and Tanner just melts my heart. Darling little ones.

harmon family said...

Yah!! Shining Stars ROCK!

Bill and Tara said...

Great pictures! I love that you made it to ALL the parties, that is impressive with 5 kids! We totally have 2 of the shirts that Riely was wearing- I love Target!

Chris and Kelly said...

Fun, fun, fun! I am sure glad Camilla is in Mia's class. I will add you to our blog list too, since I couldn't remember how I found you before!! Our pics were taken in Seville by a lady in our neighborhood trying to build her portfolio. I'll send you her website.