Thursday, January 22, 2009

Utah Part 1

Utah Trip

Dec. 26, 2008-Jan. 5, 2008

We left the day after Christmas to go to Utah and didn't come back until Jan 5. We had a great trip. I can't believe Matt was able to miss that much work, but with his Blackberry, he was never really too far from the office! The original reason we went to Utah was for Matt's sister, Melanie's wedding. We were able to make to make a fun trip out of it.

Daxton's Blessing

My younger brother, Ron blessed his new baby, Daxton, while we were in Utah. My mom came up for the blessing too. It was nice to have almost my whole family there.

The Haslam Family after Daxton's blessing.

Brayden with his cousin, Oakley.

The twins



We stayed in Lehi with my brother, Jim's family. We had a lot of fun hanging with them and their 4 kids. Even though their oldest 3 are girls, my boys get along great with them. And my twins love their cousin, Bryce, who is just a couple of months older than them. One day with went to a park to go sledding. Living in Arizona, the snow was a big deal to my kids, especially the twins.

Lucy, Chase, Sadie, Mia and Brayden

I had to put a picture of Mia in her awesome hand-me-down snow suit! Great colors!

Tanner had seen a cartoon where the kids make snow angels. He was pretty excited when he finally got to do one of his own.

The Triplets! We called Tanner and Riley, along with their cousin, Bryce, the triplets. There were never far apart.

Skiing at Sundance

We went skiing at Sundance with our 3 oldest kids. Matt, Chase, Mia and I skied and Brayden snowboarded. Brayden and Chase were looking forward to trying out their new snowboard and skis they got for Christmas. Because Mia hadn't ever skied before, we weren't sure how she would do and tried to get her to stay home with Grandma. She would NOT give up and we decided to let her come. She pretty much spent the entire day on the tow rope, but by the end of the day she really got the hang of it. We had such a fun day with cousins and aunts and uncles from the Haslam side and the Martinez side, along with Matt's dad.
Our family before hitting the slopes. Sorry Mia that you're cut off!

With the Haslam cousins.

Brayden with his cousin, Parker. They were the only snowboarders of the family.


Chase at the top of the mountain.

Grandpa Martinez with Mia (demonstrating a very wide snowplow) and cousin Morgan.

Lunch with the Peterson's

We were able to meet up with some of our best friends from Louisville, Lisa and Steve Peterson and their 4 boys. We looked forward to being in Utah at the same time and actually getting together. Even though we weren't able to spend much time with them, it was just like old times.

Lisa and I.

The boys had a blast spending time with Jackson and Dallen. Chase was so excited to see his "best friend", Jackson. They are so much alike and love to see each other. By the way, they are drinking root beer!

Hanging with the Martinez Family

Matt's parents rented a great house for the week. It had 7 bedrooms, a pool table and even a hot tub. The kids loved jumping all over the bunk beds and playing pool. Now that we live out west, we don't get to see the Martinez cousins very often. The kids had such a fun time hanging out with each other.

One of the many games of Uno!

Tanner with Grandpa Martinez

The older boys loved playing pool.

Grandma Martinez entertaining some of the little kids.

Hanging out with the Haslam Family

Sometimes it's a little crazy when you have to juggle both families at the same time, but we were able to have a night with my family. We had dinner and afterwards played games and played Christmas songs on chimes. The kids really got a kick out of the chimes.

My niece, Sadie, and Brayden led us in the chimes.

We look like we were really concentrating on the chimes.

My sister, Jen, and I.


Colorado Oldroyds said...

Fun times! Lisa looks younger every time I see her, you two are such hotties.:) Those Utah trips can be such a whirlwind, but are always so much fun. Glad you guys enjoyed your holidays.

Jen said...

Julie you are one wild woman! It was so fun to see pictures of Lisa and her family as well. I'm glad you got to see all of your family and enjoy one another. You all look great!

Diane said...

These pics are great! It was so fun to have you here! It's really quiet without you guys! (It's also really cold and I am sick of the cold!) Bryce misses the twins!

Diane said...
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Jamie Y said...

What a fun trip! It's perfect to go and get your snow fix then come back to this gorgeous weather!

Cheryl said...

What a trip! Filled to the max, just like it should be. Very fun to be able to see both sides of your family and the Petersons.

I love that you went skiing at Sundance. Man I spent years there growing up. I started there when I was seven and my older brother was eight. My parents sent us up with a group from Spanish Fork on a bus. There is no way I'd dare send Trey up with Josh and Matt. I'd be a nervous wreck, but it pays to have them start young.

Missing you!

PS Be glad you are not in KY right now. Freezing rain and crazy snow knocked out the power to nearly 1/2 million people in KY. I think almost all of Crestwood 1st ward does not have power. Traci, Vicki, Kristi, Melissa, Cynthia, Lacey W.- it's nuts! Todd just happened to be at Lowe's tonight when 12 generators were delivered so he bought one ($800!), so they will be fine, but they gave them the estmate of 7-10 day to get the power on. Torture with kids home for day #4 this week.

See AZ isn't so bad, right?!

Kristi said...

MAN you have a lot of friends. Can we please be added to your list next summer when you visit Utah?

harmon family said...

I hear about your Utah trip quite a lot from the twins. It sounded like a fun trip and now that I saw the pictures it looks even more fun! You have such a fun family:)