Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas 2008

Christmas Sunday

I can't resist buying matching Christmas outfits for my kids each year. Now that Brayden' s turning 12 pretty soon, I'm thinking this could be the last year I can have him match the other kids. It's just too easy to go to The Children's Place and buy 5 matching church outfits. This is what they wore this year:

All the kids. As usual, this picture was about the best we could do when church was starting in about 5 minutes!

The twins! Tanner and Riely just love each other. I wonder if Riley realizes how much taller she is than Tanner!

The girls!

The boys! They couldn't live without their hair gel!!!

Mia and I! I tried to look a little "Christmasy".

Christmas Eve

My mom came to town a couple days before Christmas to spend the holidays with us. We decided to wait to do the gingerbread houses until she was there. When we lived in Louisville, Matt's mom always made her gingerbread houses from scratch and we would go to her house to make them. Now that we live in Arizona and I'm on my own as far as gingerbread houses, so I buy the pre-made kits!

Tanner was most interested in eating the candy. The boys did their own gingerbread house. It ended up being a BYU house. What a surprise!

Go Cougars!

Mia and I with the lovely gingerbread house that we made. It wasn't as neat as the boys' house!

The finished houses! Once again, Tanner is going for the candy!

After the gingerbread houses, we got our new PJs on, had our traditional Christmas lesson and program, looked online to find out where Santa was, put cookies and milk out for Santa and tried to get the kids to bed. Tanner was soooo scared to go to bed. He thought Santa was going to come into his room and get him. Tanner kept sneaking out of his bed and hiding in the closet. With Tanner doing this, Riley would not go to sleep either. Finally they went to sleep watching a movie in our bed. Seriously, I don't think everyone was alseep until about 11:00. Matt and I were dying! Then we got to work wrapping and setting everything up. It was so late when we finally got to bed ourselves! Christmas for parents isn't ever relaxing!!!!

Christmas morning

Brayden and Chase claim that they were up at 5 am, but I'm not so sure about that since the kids didn't wake us up until about 7:30. We felt like we slept in, even after a late night the night before.

The traditional morning pic! Santa brought Brayden a guitar, Chase an I-pod Nano, Mia a Barbie Dreamhouse (which is huge!), Tanner a basketball hoop and Riley a kitchen set.

The family room before the destruction of opening presents!!

Riley with her Princess saucer chair. Tanner got a Cars one. They love them.

These are the only pics we got of Christmas morning this year. Matt was more into the video camera this year. As usual, it seemed like the kids got way too many presents, but some of the other favorites were a snowboard for Brayden, skis for Chase, Mia got a bed for her American Girl doll and Matt bought me a bike. Once again, we had a wonderful Christmas.


Jen said...

Your kids are honestly adorable. I wonder how long it took Santa to put all of that together, especially the barbie house, whew! Looks like fun and they all looked so sweet in their Christmas clothes.

WishTrish said...

What an awesome Christmas! Who got the guitar?!

Oh, and I just have to say, you would never know in a million years that you might be cougar fans. Nope. Oh, wait? Is it still opposite day? (Remember those?!)

harmon family said...

Very Christmas-sy! I think I will have to copy you and use the gingerbread house idea as a new Harmon Christmas Eve Tradition:) We need SOMETHING on that special night:)

Kristi said...

You are so darling. Oh how we miss the Martinez family! Only you guys would have a zoobie gingerbread house. I am glad you had what looks like a fantastic Christmas.

Oh, and I say make Braden keep with the matching outfits. Just call it character development....

Jamie Y said...

My poor neglected kids, they didn't even have any special Christmas church clothes. I'm a bad mom. So is Mia in heaven with her Barbie house? We'll have to come and check out the newest upgrades with the '08 version!

Cheryl said...

I agree with Kristi, there's nothing like seeing brothers (and sisters too) match. My Josh refuses to wear sweaters or vests unless it is a special occasion (or I beg). He's my white shirt and tie boy. The other two don't give a hoot. I guess it won't be hard when he turns 12 and has to wear white.

Loved all your Christmas photos. Yes, it seems like the presents are always a bit much, but you wouldn't have it anyother way.

And did I spy a Barbie Dream house. My #1 favorite toy growing up. I started with the 3 story/ card board and upgraded a few years later. Loved that thing.

Miss you!

Michelle Y. said...

Hi Julie, I found your blog and wanted to add it to mine. I will send you an invite to my blog email me at

Kristin said...

Julie...You are one of the 'bloggin babes'! I love your family picture it is so cute. I would love to add you to my list of 'firends' if you are okay with that...I have a private blog but send me an email at if you want in on the goods...

wae-wae said...

Hi Julie! It's funny how in all of the pictures I'm in I'm blinking. I'm sooo not a good poser!!!


Bishops Daughter said...

Hey Julie!its mckenna!i love your blog! its so awsome! anyways i just wanted to let you know that i have a blog too. its! I also have a ? for you. How did you get that cool backround? Cheak my blog!It has you on it!!!!!