Sunday, February 8, 2009

January 2009

January 2009
I'm getting so behind, I just wanted to recap what we did this past month.
Super Bowl 2009
Actually on Feb. 1, not January, but close enough. Once the Arizona Cardinals made it to the Super Bowl, it was pretty much AZ Cardinal fever everywhere. On the Friday before the Super Bowl, the kids were able to dress down that day if they were wearing Cardinals shirts. Brayden, being a "cool" sixth grader, wore red knee-high socks to complete his outfit!
Of course I had to go out and buy them Larry Fitzgerald shirts!
On Superbowl Sunday, the Harris' came over for dinner to watch the very disappointing Super Bowl. Even though the Cards lost, it was so fun to actually have a team we cared about in the Super Bowl.
Chase showing off his Cardinal body art!!! I found that all my eyeliner had been used for his masterpiece on his face!
We even had Cardinal cupcakes! Mia, Sophie and Jillian wanted to show theirs off!
Girls' Night Out
We decided to have a girls' night out at a different restaurant each month. For the first official one, we went to Red, White and Brew. Thanks, Kristen, for planning it!
Running Club Race
My 3 oldest kids are all in the running club at their school. They ran their first race in January. Being a distance runner myself, I had high hopes for my kids in their mile and half race. They all did really well. I also think they have a new admiration of their mom running 26.2 miles!
Brayden running through the finish line.
Chase totally sprinted through the finish line.
Mia was actually running when as she finished, but her main concern was getting an Otter Pop.
Chase with his good friend, Gavin.
The kids with some of their friends after the race.

Chase and Devin.

Preschool Field Trip to the Fire Station
Shining Stars Preschool took a trip to one of the Gilbert Fire Stations. The twins were so excited to go see the fire trucks. They were disappointed to see that the fire trucks were white instead of red. Fortunately they had an old fire truck on display that was red.
The firefighter put on all of his gear and let the kids touch him. Riley wouldn't go near him, but Tanner was brave enough to feel his coat.

The best part of the field trip was the free fire helmets! We finished the day with a trip to Chick-fil-a.

Moms of the Year!
Amy, Terri, Vonda, Michelle and I all decided to have lunch with our kids on the same day. We all have 6th graders and we thought we better have lunch with them while they still want us around. For some reason, I think they won't want us to eat lunch with them at middle school. Terri and Amy ended up bringing their husbands too. We had so many people, the lunch workers gave us all our own table.
Brayden had Jack and Cameron eat with us too. Brayden's bangs look about 12 inches tall! Thanks to gel, he was still able to spike it up.
I just love all these girls - CJ, Allie, Devin Rahgan and McKenna. They're all like adopted daughters to me.
Cute little Allie and CJ


Bill and Tara said...

You have been busy! What a woman! Wish we lived closer so our kids could hang out and I could go to Girls Night Out with you and your buddies! I promise to tell you when the baby is here-even if it is in the middle of the night :)

Jamie Y said...

We missed you last night!!! It just wasn't the same without you guys, but hopefully you're feeling better. You are one busy woman, I don't know how you keep up with everything and manage to run like 12 miles a day!

TheMorts said...

The superbowl hasn't been the same since you left! I can't believe how grown up all your kids are now!