Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jonas Brothers - Sept. 14, 2010

Jonas Brothers Concert
Jamie discovered that general admission tickets to see the Jonas Brothers was only $10. We got a ton of moms and daughters together to sit on the grass and watch Demi Lovato, the Camp Rock Kids and of course, the JoBros. My girls were so excited to go. We had a bunch of full cars in our group. Melissa, Jamie and I rode together.

Getting ready to leave my house. Mia, Kylie and Marlee all had to wear their rockstar shirts they made at Kylie's party.
Here are the coolest moms in the world!! We were as bad as the kids trying to get us to look at the same camera. Unfortunatley Marcee, Chelsea and Jamie are looking the other way.

Here I am with Mia

And here I am with Riley

The Rockstar girls!

Riley with Lilee

This was the closest we could get. Here the girls were waiting for the Jonas Bros to come on. The grass seats weren't the greatest, but the girls had a fun time.

Here are some of my favorite girls- Allie and McKenna. They're also Brayden's good friends.

Lilee and Riley expressing their love for Nick. Unfortunately there's some weird shadow.

By the end of the night, Riley had crashed on the blanket and I had to carry her most of the way to the car-and she isn't light!!

After the concert- all rocked out and Riley had barely woken up. It was a late, but fun night for the girls.

1st day of school 2010

1st Day of School 2010

Where did the summer go? When you're in Chandler School Disrict, it's over pretty fast since school started on July 26 this year. That is way to early. We had barely gotten back from 11 days in California in time to meet the teachers, frantically get school supplies and start school. Mia and Chase still have to wear uniforms, which they are pretty much used to. This year Mia decided to go for the uniform dress with her pink sandals and pink flower in the hair for the first day of school. Girls are so cute how they want to plan out what to wear in advance. I think Chase didn't think about it until he woke up in the morning.

Mia- 2nd Grade

Chase - 5th Grade

Mia with her friend, Makell, who is once again in her same class.

Brayden started 8th Grade. His last year of middle school. I can't believe it. I had to take a picture of his standard shoe and sock look that most the kids go for around here. His black, high Vans socks with Vans sneakers. Too funny! I can't believe he actually let me take a picture of his feet!

The twins started school a couple weeks after the rest of the kids. I have them going to 1/2 day Kindergarten at a charter school close to my house. I wasn't ready for them to go to all day Kindergarten. They're my babies!!

Riley-They have a weird dress policy at their school. You are not allowed to wear shorts, unless you are wearing the school uniform. Riley did not want to wear a uniform, so she opted for a dress. Tanner wears the uniform. He doesn't seem to mind. When it's 110 degrees, I'm not making my kids wear jeans.


I keep thinking that one of these days Tanner is going to grow and be as tall as Riley!

I like this picture of them holding hands. They really do love each other. They are in the same class and their teacher sat them next to each other. I think it was nice for them to have each other close by. They had a great first day of school!

Jamie's 30th B-day

Jamie's 30th Birthday

Jason, with help from Marcee, threw together a surprise birtday party for Jamie since was turning 30. Don't I wish I was still 30? He got a bunch of fun couples together for dinner at Cantina Laredo. We were all there when they arrived and pulled off the surpise.
Cute Jamie and Jason

The whole group, minus Chelsea, who didn't want to be in the picture since her husband wasn't there.

Cute girls pic and Chelsea got in it!

The guys-of course my husband came straight from work and didn't get to change!

Mortenson's Visit Aug. 2010

Dinner with the Mortenson's

Some of our very best friends, Jeff and Melissa Mortenson, were in town from Lousiville for a few days. We had them over for dinner one night, and the next night we went out without the kids. It was so fun to see them. They are the type of friends that you always have a blast with no matter how long it has been since you last saw them. We went to dinner at a Mexican restuarant and stopped by the Mesa Temple on the way home.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Camping Labor Day Weekend 2010

"Pickles Reunion 2010"

We went camping with some of our great friends over Labor Day Weekend. Scott and Nicole Pickles came up with the idea and scouted out a great spot a little past Payson the weekend before. They posted "Pickles Reunion" signs and pitched their tent in hope of holding our campsite until the next weekend. Sure enough the sign was still there, as well as the tent, and the campsite was still ours. The Figgins, Erikson's and us all slept in tents (ours was borrowed from the Pickles') while the Pickles' and Young's slept in the lap of luxury of their newly purchased tent trailers. We still had a great time, but I found myself envious of those with the tent trailers!

Scott and Nicole found us a really nice spot to camp.

Tanner really got into finding wood for the campfire:

Jason took the kids to look for wood and everyone got into it:

Here the kids are enjoying all their hard work around the campfire. Everyone looks so beautiful after a night of camping!


Kylie and Mia

Tanner, in desperate need of a haircut!

Mia, Riley, Mikayla and Kylie.

All the kids at the campout. As usual, Brayden was the oldest.

Us moms, looking lovely after a night of camping.

Tanner with some huge bug on his shoulder.


Kosty with his new short haircut!

Scott seemed to keep all the kids entertained with different activities.

Jayden made a friend that everyone wanted.

We went to Christopher Creek to let the kids play there:

We left after playing in the creek since Matt would not miss the opening BYU football game. We were bummed since the Herrera's came up with their quads and we didn't get to ride on them. We had a fun time camping with great friends, and yes, Nicole, we would love to go again!!!