Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fall Break Fun

Fall Break Fun

With 2 1/2 weeks of Fall Break to fill, we tried to keep busy. We went to California for the first week of Fall Break, we still had a lot of time to do some fun things. We went to the zoo, the movies, the park, a farm, bowling, and played with friends.


We went to the bowling alley with the Harris' and the Greene's. The boys loved it and Mia got bored of it after a few bowls. She and Jillian pretty much goofed off and ate french fries. The twins even tried to bowl a bit - with the bumpers, of course.

The boys all thought they were pretty cool. They bowl a lot better than I do!

The girls!

Jillian and Mia

Riley and Tanner with their best friend, Presley!

Candy, Erin and I

A Day at the Farm

OK, it wasn't really a day, more like an hour or two, but I took the kids out to a farm that was open to the public. A bunch of friends went too. Brayden, being the oldest, and none of his friends were going, pretty much got dragged there. I explained to him that the twins would love it and we took him to places like this when he was little. I think he actually enjoyed it. It didn't compare to some of the places we went to in Kentucky, like Huber Farm, where the Fall colors were everywhere and you could pick apples from trees and pumpkins growing in the ground. But, it was a fun trip. The twins loved the animals...from a safe distance! A day at the farm was topped off with Chick-fil-a for lunch!

On the hayride

Jamie and Chelsea with their kids and Mia. Jamie was counting the days until her baby came. It was only a few days later.

Kylie and Mia

With the Glazier's and the Drogosz's

What you can't see is Tanner about ready to fall off the seat, because Riley was pushing him off.

It was a fun trip to the farm!


sarah said...

Its fun to see those BYU hats -- especially after the way they have been playing!!!

Bill and Tara said...

That looks like fun-wish we lived closer to each other.

Jessie said...

I can't believe you have a 2 1/2 week break in the middle of October. Good job keeping your kids busy!!! Looks like a ton of fun!

traci said...

Seeing your photos of the farm reminded me of when we went to Kitty's right after the twins were born. Your sis was in town and we all did our best and I am sure it was worth all the effort to be at the pumpkin patch in the Fall. Hey, if I remembered it, then it was memorable right? Love the bowling. That's my kids very favorite thing to do. I always use the lanes with the bumbers like the twins.

Cheryl said...

What a fall break! I can't believe how long it was. You really did have some serious time to fill! But you did start school early, so it's nice to have a break now.

So count me in for Cafe Rio at Christmas!! I am counting down already! Our lunch together was one of the highlights of our trip home. Rich and I left saying, man we have just go to live close the Martinez family again!!

Rich's sister is getting married on the 30th and her reception is on the 29th. I think we leave on the 2nd. Any day will work. Let me know what fits with your plans. I am so excited!

Jamie Y said...

Holy huge belly! I'm glad those days are gone...the farm was, um, interesting. Atleast the kids had fun, right? Are you coming over later for the scorpion hunt too? It's great fun.