Wednesday, October 8, 2008

California Fall Break 2008

Southern California for Fall Break 2008

Now that it is an easy trip to California, we've been there several times since we moved to Arizona. Since my mom lives in Orange County, we always have a place to stay. Here are a few things we did while on vacation there.

Newport Beach

We hadn't been to Newport Beach for a couple years, so we decided it would be fun to go there for a change. We usually go to Laguna Beach or San Clemente. It was a beautiful day and no one was there!! It was so nice since we went on a week day. We had the beach to ourselves.

A cute family picture. Notice I'm not in the picture. There is no way a picture of me in a swimming suit is going on the blog! There was a guy in a canoe in the background.

Matt and Brayden waiting for the perfect wave.

The twins were afraid of the water and were content with their sand toys on the beach.

This was Riley's model pose!

Tanner pulled the boogie board around and around for the longest time. It was cracking me up. It was Brayden's board and Tanner wouldn't let him use it.

Since we were in Newport, we had to go on the Balboa Ferry to Balboa Island. This brought me back to the good old days when I was growing up.

Knott's Berry Farm

After having been to Disneyland and Sea World in the last year, we decided to try out Knott's Berry Farm while in California. I don't think I had been there since high school. We had a lot of fun. They've added quite a few roller coasters since I graduated from high school in 1990. It was dead there. We walked on all the rides and were able to ride roller coasters over and over again. The one bummer was that Mia was about an inch too short for almost all the roller coasters. She was so sad that Daddy had to appease her by buying her a big stuffed animal. We had a great time. I hadn't ridden roller coasters like those for the longest time. I was feeling great all day long, but after lunch, my stomach didn't do so well on them. I felt pretty nauseous by the afternoon. I finally got over it while Matt and the boys kept riding those roller coasters. By the time the park closed, Matt, Brayden and Chase all looked like they were going to puke!!! But, they didn't...Riley managed to do that at the restaurant where we ate dinner. Why does someone always throw up?

This was the famous shot where we always posed for pictures when we went to Knott's Berry Farm as kids. That's the log ride behind us.

Tanner and Mia with my mom.

Matt with Mia and Brayden after getting soaked on the rapids.

The whole family with Snoopy. Riley was petrified of him!

Newport Beach Temple

For all the times we've been to California in the last couple years, this was the first time the kids saw the Newport Beach Temple. It was really pretty and built in a really nice area.

Going to Grandpa's House

My dad lives about 15 minutes from my mom. We went over to his house to BBQ and celebrate Mia's b-day a few days early. It's so nice that I can see my parents much more often than when I lived in Kentucky.

Mia and my Dad

Mia, Brayden and Chase with my Dad and my stepsister, Megan.

San Clemente

San Clemente is our favorite beach for the family. It was a super warm day, but for some reason the clouds were hanging just over the coast and no where else, making it a little dreary looking. The kids love riding their boogie boards at San Clemente and watching the surfers on the other side of the pier.

Another great day at the beach and a fun trip. Why don't we live in Southern California???? It doesn't get much better than California! I still say I'm from Southern California even though I left for college over 18 years ago. I just can't quite give it up. It will forever feel like home.


PamJorg said...

I'm so sad that my WHOLE family has moved out of Cali. Now we don't have that convenient place to stay. LUCKY!

I love San Clemente...such a great beach! It was the NICE beach when I was growing up and we usually ended up at Corona Del Mar. Still, tons of beach fun and great memories!

Deanna said...

I love all those pictures! Great pictures at the beach. I love the contemplative one of Brayden and Matt looking at the waves. I can just hear Matt giving the fatherly advice. Sounds fun at Knotts Berry Farm too. Why does someone always have to barf?? That is a good question.

Glad you had fun.

Vicki said...

This looks like so much fun. I hate seeing how big your kids are getting, and not seeing them every day.

I love the picture of your mom with Mia and Tanner. I also LOVE the picture of Riley doing the "model pose." She is seriously cute.

Jen said...

Julie what a fun trip for your family. What a great thing to be so close to your family.

I love the picture of Matt and Braden. So cute. I'm sure you look hot in a swimsuit. Hey, I get in mine and my legs have perma-cheese and spider veins all over them. Doesn't stop me!:)

That temple is beautiful. Oh how I wish I could take a vacation to California; or anywhere really! Fun pictures of your family Julie!

traci said...

Are you trying to make me jealous? Do you know how many times I went to Knott's as a kid? For awhile I think it topped Disneyland. The beach looked fun and I am GLAD you got to go to CA. I wish I was there at the same time so we could have seen you guys. Miss ya!

Jamie Y said...

See, you're the good mom that actually took your kids somewhere fun during the break. My poor deprived looks like you guys had a great time. We were just at the beach last month but I miss it already! And I can't believe the steal you got on those Knotts Berry tickets, we'll have to try that next year!

Chelsea said...

fun! we go to Newport every summer and we actually got to walk through the Newport Temple before the dedication, it is GORGEOUS!

Brigitta said...

Fun, fun trip. You have fall break too? Don't you just love it? Although I am excited everyone is going back to school tomorrow. Yipee!

Kristen said...

Julie--I love your blog! So cute!! Okay, so I seriously want to move to Southern Cali now. The nearest beach from here is what...8hours?? Glad you guys had a great time.

Kristi said...

Oh what fun! I think it's almost freaky how quickly kids grow up. I thought that photo of Riley "posing" was Mia, and my goodness Brayden looks like a MAN! Oh, and please pass on to Matt that I dig his manly physique. Julie, have you been working him out because he seriously looks smaller?!?

Vonda said...

You are a party animal! Glad your back and preparing for the dress up night for Bunco!

The Galvan Family said...

What a fun trip! Love Newport Beach & Balboa bars!!

harmon family said...

Found you:) Seriously, can I just keep Tanner and Riley. They are so much fun in preschool. I love that when ever I see them outside of school they are excited to see me. Your whole family is so cute. By the way. If I looked like you in a swim suit I would be all over my blog. You work hard for that body...don't be shy:)

Tiffany said...

What fun pictures! And how fun that we can finally keep in touch this way. We went to Newport in July and it was so crowded -- it would have been nice to have the beach to ourselves like you! And Knott's Berry Farm -- we'll have to take the kids there too. So much to explore in CA, I'd almost forgotten! So glad us California girls are finally on the west coast!

Tell Matt I thought of y'all when I read Josh Perky's article in the October Ensign!