Sunday, November 2, 2008


A couple days before Halloween, we went to our ward's trunk-or-treat. There were so many kids! I kept losing my kids, but by the end of the night, we left with all 5! As usual, somebody has to throw up. Riley was the winner on this night. Too much candy for Riley and you know what happens-a nice puke in the car seat on the way home!!!
Here's Brayden dressed up as "Slash" from Guns 'n Roses, but more recently known for being in Guitar Hero.
Riley and Tanner not looking at all like twins. Would Riley please stop growing!!! Riley dressed up as Belle and Tanner insisited on wearing Chase's old Green Bay Packers uniform.
Chase dressed up as an"old school rapper"- at least that's what the tag on the costume said. He looks like the Run DMC guys. He's showing his best rapper look for us.
Mia was a witch. I just wore the witch hat for about 5 minutes before it started driving me crazy.
Brayden with his harem of women!! We always laugh about the fact that there are tons of girls his age at church, but very few boys. Here he is with CJ, Devin, McKenna, Allie and Lauren. He's secretly loving it!
Chase with Jake, AKA Napolean Dynamite.
Brayden trying to look his coolest. This time with - McKenna, Erin and Devin.


Mia and Camilla.

Raghan and Brayden.


Nichole said...

Your kids all look so cute! Gotta love halloween! Are we getting together this week?

The Galvan Family said...

How fun is ward trunk r treat!!! So sorry Riley puked in your car, bummer! Brayden does kind of have a harem doesn't he?

Vonda said...

Yep, McKenna was a proud member of the Harem (she's use to it, as she already belongs to her dads harem)

sarah said...

That is so funny - the first time we got together when you moved here was at Joes BBQ remember? I think Mia puked that night too! Good times!

Brigitta said...

cute costumes...not cute puke. We have the same thing with Christian where ever we live there are always tons of girls in his primary class and just 1 or 2 boys. I tell him he will love it when he is a teenager. We should be neighbors then they'd have each bad

Amy Jo said...

Looks like a fun night, sorry I missed it. I couldn't pick a better harem for Allie to belong to. haha.

Bill and Tara said...

I love that Brayden was Slash- I am sure we used to rock out to one of those Guns and Roses songs as we cruised in the Skylark or in Jeni's Bug. When are you coming back to CA to visit?

Kim said...

Hi Julie,
Tara connected me to your blog. What a cute family. Your kids are too cute and you look great. Where are you at in AZ now? We'll be there for 2 weeks in Dec. Maybe we can get together. It has been alot of years. I'll get your email address from Tara. Take care.
-Kim Ogden

shawni said...

cute costumes. are you guys out of town? we need to get a new lunch date on the calendar!!