Thursday, October 2, 2008


Boys Weekend in Utah - September 2008
Matt took Brayden and Chase to Utah the weekend of Sept 12 for the BYU vs UCLA football game. They had the greatest time. I know I wasn't there, but I had to write about it. Matt and I both graduated from BYU, and have always been BYU football fans, but Matt has pretty much become obsessed in the years since we left BYU. He's passed that love of BYU football on to our boys. They had this trip planned for a few months. Brayden and Chase were so excited to have their weekend with Dad and BYU football. Matt's parents flew out from Kentucky and Matt's Dad went with them to the game.
The boys walked around campus and went to a pep ralley before the game. They were all decked out in their BYU shirts and hats.

Here are the boys with their Grandpa. We were impressed he was wearing a BYU shirt. Grandpa is a huge Notre Dame fan! Notice the Y in the background.

This picture totally cracks me up. At the pep rally, the boys got their picture taken with this BYU cheerleader. Brayden doesn't seem to mind much, but check out Chase's face!!! How short is this cheerleader? She's the same height as Brayden, who's 11!

Matt's good friends from Kentucky, Jeff Mortenson (his BYU roommate) and Josh Perkey met them at the game.

It was a blowout!! Check out the score - 59 to nothing!


Diane said...

Love the pictures! We loved having Matt and the boys and Matt's parents. Next year we want the whole family!

(Saw Matt's name in the Ensign. cool.)

Jamie Young said...

I totally had to click on the cheerleader picture to enlarge it and see Chase's face-too funny!! What an awesome boy's trip, I know Jason can't wait until his boys are old enough to do a trip like that. Hope you're surviving right now with all those girlies at the movies, thanks!

Deanna said...

Excellent boys trip!

Love the boys and the cheerleader picture. That's classic.

See you tomorrow!

Kristi said...

You crazy BYU nutjobs.... I didn't know that Serge would get all football crazy about anyone but Notre Dame. It looks like your boys had a fun time (especially with that miniature cheerleader). Now you deserve a girls trip!! How does KY sound?!? :)

TheMorts said...

Sorry about the links on my blog--- I haven't updated them forever!! I guess it's time to get them all fixed..
Miss you !!

The Galvan Family said...

What a fun trip for the boys, how come Matt didn't take Tanner? Oh & we read the article in the Ensign, sweet- kudos to you Matt!!!! Thanks again for coming to my bday lunch yesterday!

Shanen said...

What a fun weekend for them. Josh loves to take the girls to football games also. Of course they are ASU games and since he has season tickets, they usually get to go once a year. They love it. Those weekends are the greatest memories.

Nichole said...

Denny was at that game too! He wants to take the boys up for a game! Looks like fun! Remember our Ty Detmer days? We were so spirited!

Jen H. said...

I found your blog I'm so excited! I hope you don't mind if I check in from time to time. What a great boys trip, my husband would be jealous!

Jennie said...

Go Devils...

j/k ha ha, so glad they got to go on the BYU boys trip. Looks like a blast! That cheerleader picture rocks! It was fun to see you today!
-Jennie N.

Glazier5 said...

What else can we say....Go COUGS! I need to talk Nate into taking a few boys only outings!