Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mia's Birthday

Happy Birthday, Mia!

Mia turned 6 on October 1st

This is a picture of my little Mia when she was about 3 months old. We got our first digital camera right around when this picture was taken. So, most of my newborn pictures of Mia were taken with a regular old fashioned camera with film. After having 2 boys, I was so excited to finally have a little girl. I was totally convinced I was going to end up with all boys. When I found out I was having a girl, we painted her room purple and everyone gave me pink and purple gifts. I loved it. Mia is such a girly girl and we have so much fun shopping, getting pedicures and doing girly things.

Mia's Party

We threw together her birthday party last minute since we had just gotten back from California. Mia wanted to take all of her friends to go see the movie, Beverly Hills Chihauhau. First we had 10 girls over for pizza, cake, ice cream and presents. Then we went to the movie. The party was a hit and the girls loved the movie. The movie was pretty cute, but Matt and I found ourselves looking at our watches a few times wondering if it was almost over.

Here's the birthday girl, Mia. Why does she always seem to have a stray hair in every picture we take?

The girls getting a little crazy!

Mia and the birthday cake, courtesy of Costco!

You think we could have turned the birthday cake around for the picture.

Tanner looking very pretty. This is what happens when you let 10 girls loose in the house with make-up...your 3 year old boy ends up looking like a girl! He doesn't look too happy with it!

Family Birthday Party
On Mia's actual birthday, Oct. 1, we got pedicures and then came home to have some cake and open a few presents as a family. One of her favorite presents was her American Girl Pajamas. Earlier this year, I took Mia to the American Girl Store in LA and bought her the doll of the year- Mia. The Mia doll is only around for the year 2008. Ever since we bought the doll, Mia has wanted the Mia doll's pajamas that had matching big ones for her. Her Grandma and Grandpa Martinez sent them for her and the Mia doll. She was so excited. Here, she is modeling the pajamas with her doll.

Riley had to pose for a picture too.

Another big hit, was the Easy Bake Oven Mia had been asking for. I totally had one when I was a kid, but it wasn't as cool as this one. I think my boys were just as excited as Mia was to bake their first cake!

What a great mom Mia has. As she is trying to light the candle of her own birthday cake I am reading a magazine ignoring her. I should have at least been cleaning the kitchen. What a mess. Fortunately, Mia and Brayden didn't burn the house down.

Blowing out the candles. Where's the rest of the family?

We love you, Mia! Happy 6th Birthday!


Jen said...

Happy birthday Mia! Crazy how quickly time flies. I love the make-up and the way you ignored your daughter while reading a magazine!:) Fun stuff!

Bill and Tara said...

I love it! It looks like lots of fun. Payton totally wants an American Girl Doll, hmmm, maybe Christmas? I love the picture of you and the magazine.

Chelsea said...

julie you crack me up, I loved your magazine comment. hey thats what big brothers are for, who needs ya? cute party, cute girl, and CUTE little Tanner! ha,ha, he does not look too happy with the violet shades, maybe next time she could try neutrals ;)

Colorado Oldroyds said...

I remember when you found out Mia was a girl and how quickly that news spread through the ward. Now she is all grown up, and is soo pretty. Hope she has a great year, 6 is a great age!:)

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday to such a pretty girl! Six years old. Really? It seems like yesterday I was popping over to your house to see your new baby girl. Where have the years gone?

What a fun party! I loved the picture of Tanner. What a good sport. I know I've written it before, but he and Chase could be the twins. And I think Mia and Riley look very similar. It's fun to see your kids growing up.

And I laughed at your photo of you reading a magazine. Things like that happen here on a daily basis as well.

So, we have planned our trip to Utah over Christmas. We will be there from the 25th until around the 2nd. Will you be there? We would LOVE to see you. Let me know.

Miss you!

Deanna said...

We love Mia!! What a cute post. You are so funny and Tanner looks amazing. I did that to my brother too. Gracie had so much fun at the party.

OK, please ignore the little nametag next to my picture. I just discovered it. Either Marc or Sydnee must have put it on there, because I didn't and I don't know how to change it!

bunch of 'brooks said...

You KNOW Makell LOVES to play with Mia any chance she can. She had so much fun at Mia's party. Mia was such a cute baby. My, how they grow up SO quickly, huh?

shawni said...

Oh my gosh she is so cute Julie and she looks so much like you.

I look at those pictures in teh last post of your family and I still can't believe you have five kids...and I have five kids. Where in teh world did that time go?

I still want to do Chick Fil A...

Shanen said...

Hey Julie-
I love your posts. I just read back through your Cali. trip. What a blast. Isn't it funny how you will probably always say you are a "California Girl" for the rest of your life? I left Huntington 17 years ago and I will still ALWAYS be from there. My grandparents are in San Clemente and they are the last of my family to be there. We try to go back as often as we can. Love it

Jamie Y said...

Okay, I am dying laughing at the magazine/pyro picture! She was the cutest baby (and of course she makes a pretty cute 6 year old too :), I love those eyes. Kylie had a blast at the party and looks like Tanner had quite a ball too, ha! ha!