Monday, November 10, 2008

Halloween 2008

Halloween Night 2008

On Halloween, we had a block party in front of our house before the trick-or-treaters came by. I wondered if Matt and Brayden would even be there. The night before, Brayden had hurt his thumb at football practice and we were beginning to think it was broken. We decided to take him to the doctor to check it out. The pediatrician thought it might be broken and sent Matt and Brayden to another office to have it x-rayed. After waiting for a while, Brayden was not happy about the possibility of missing Halloween with his friends. He convinced Matt to get his thumb x-rayed on Monday since. even if it was broken, it was too swolen to set. That's what we did and Matt and Brayden made it home just as people were coming over for the block party. Brayden stayed about 15 minutes then went with his friends to trick-or-treat in another neighborhood and help his friend run a haunted house. We didn't see Brayden until about 11:00 that night. The other kids were stuck with us. Chase and Mia ran off with a bunch of kids in the neighborhood and Matt and I walked around with the twins. After trick-or-treating a bunch of families came over for a movie on the wall in the front of my house. It was a fun, exhausting night.

Chase and Brayden

Jake and Chase

Rylee, wearing Brayden's costume from last year, with Brayden

Attack of the 80s hair bands!

Mia and the twins. Mia could not find her Halloween costume. She has worn it 2 days earlier, but somehow between Wednesday and Friday, she lost it. I couldn't find it anywhere. I gave up and told her to go pick out a dress in her dress up box. This is what she came up with-some Barbie princess. It turned out that I found her costume a couple days later stuffed in her dresser. Oh well, she still looked cute as a princess.

Mia and Makell


Tanner-he really is a happy kid and smiles a lot!

Preschool Halloween Party

The twins were so excited for the Shining Stars Preschool Halloween party. Here are a few pics:


Scott and Nicole said...

oh, my cute Tanner and Riley

Cheryl said...

What a party! I love being able to wear t-shirts on Halloween, but hat is probably alwasy possible when you in live in AZ. It was nice in KY too. You just don't usually get that in Utah.

I have to admit that when I first saw Riley in her Belle dress, for a second I thought it was Mia. I know Mia's so much older, but it is hard to believe your twins are old enough for preschool.

Loved seeing Brayden and Chase too. Such funny costumes.

Hoping a Cafe Rio run at Christmas works out!!! We'll have to set a date when it gets closer!

Miss you!

Vonda said...

awsome! oh this is kenna! haha! i just dont have my own blog...i wish!:( i love the BYU gingerbread picture!