Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Twins are 3!!!

Tanner and Riley turned 3 on August 3o! 3 years ago (and a few days) I looked like this. I was ready to pop, but I had a really good tan from spending the entire summer at the pool. Just when I was ready to give up and think that I would never go into labor, I did. At 37 weeks, and the day that Hurricane Katrina was blowing in, I finally started going into labor. Tanner was born at 3:06 pm, without any problems, weighing 6 lbs. 3 oz. Riley was born 14 minutes later at 3:20pm, weighing 5 lbs 12 oz. She was born by a C-section. Yep, I gave birth both ways ( I don't recommend this). It was a little scary, but here we are with two healthy 3 years olds today.

This was one of my favorite pictures of them not long after they were born.

This picture really was right after they were born. Riley was rushed off the NICU right after this picture. They thought she might have been deprived of oxygen from her placenta detaching too soon...hence, the emercency c-section for Riley. I look completely dead on the table behind.
Big brothers, Brayden and Chase, holding the twins. I'm not sure where Mia was.


We took the twins to Build-a-Bear on their actual birthday. Tanner picked a dog that he dressed in pirate clothes with sunglasses and Riley chose a bear that she dressed as a princess. I think that their older brothers and sisters got into it even more than the twins. Mia insisted that she would help Riley and Brayden and Chase fought over who would help Tanner.

Chase is helping Tanner give his new puppy a bath.

Riley kept changing her mind which princess outfit she wanted to dress her bear in. Even after she ripped the tags off and dressed her bear, she was looking for an even better princess dress. These were the final choices for their animals. They would not look at the camera!


We had a couple families, the Harris' and the Christenson's, over for cake and ice cream. Presley Harris and Damon Christenson are two of Riley and Tanner's best friends.

Riley and Tanner wanted a Dora and Diego birthday cake. Mia and Jillian were ready to blow out the candles if Riley and Taner weren't able to.

How do 3 families make up 14 kids?

Tanner and Riley - 3 years old. I've survived 3 years with twins!


Jamie Young said...

I knew we would eventually get you sucked into the blogging world! By the way, you don't look like a blog rookie, your site looks great :) I love your prego picture and I am having loads of sympathy for you. I can barely walk, move, sleep, eat and breath with only one kid, I can't even imagine carrying twins. They are so cute and I'm glad they had such a fun birthday!

Vicki said...

YEAH!!!! Your first post is darling. You are a natural.

What a cute idea to go to Build a Bear to make the day special. I seriously forgot how big you got when you were pregnant with them.

Cute pictures.

Angie Whitman said...

Julie...I am so proud of you!!! I think you are going to love having this. I know I am so happy!:)
I first was thrown off with your pregnant picture, since I have never seen you pregnant. I thought you were fooling me! Holy cow, I can't believe that you had two babies in there and then had to deliver both ways. What a scary, hard thing, but what a great story!!
Keep up the good work!:)

Vonda said...

What the heck! This looks amazing - your picture/header is so cool too. Great first post. Im so glad youve entered the blogging world and by the way, you are cut out to be a bunco boss - no one else could talk everyone into pie:-)

traci said...

It's wonderful. You should have seen mine when I first started - not that's it's glamorous now. Your little twins are so cute. I feel like I know them because they look just like they belong in that family of yours, but I sure wish that I knew them better. I am excited to keep up with your family happenings!

The Galvan Family said...

Yeah!!! O.k. you are a closet blogger! you are awesome!! I love it!!

TheMorts said...

Yeah! I'm so glad you are blogging now!
I can't beleive your twins are 3- it seems like yesterday you were jogging over to my house with Mia in the stroller pregnant with them.

tbpiggy said...

Great job! I am impressed- I will have to start one soon. I can't wait to see you in a few weeks.

Cheryl said...


Woo Hoo!! I am so excited that you have a blog. It really is the best way to document and keep tabs on each other.

First off, your blog looks amazing! And your first post was written like it could have been your 100th, you were just meant to join the bloggin' crew!

I have a hard time believing how fast those 3 years flew by. I remember coming to the hospital to visit you with Kristi and Cynthia and seeing Riley and Tanner in the same little bed with their pink and blue beanies on. Right then and there I totally knew I was having twins again. I think you were the first person after family (and Kristi- she had my kids for the ultrasound) I called when I found out it was round 2. Crazy times.

I thought you were nuts when you were pregnant with them. You were go, go, go. I hit 20 weeks and am down on the couch. No wonder you kick butt running Boston! You are incredible.

I loved the party pictures. We too hit Build-A-Bear every year for Josh and Matt's birthday. I think we've done it for the past 4 years, and yes we have amassed quite the collection. I love it because it's an event that everyone can share in.

My favorite picture is of Tanner and Chase. Man, if they had been born at the same time I would have bet money they were identical!

I love the size difference between Riley and Tanner. Just last night at baseball this guy asked Rich if he had 2 on the team and then said, "They're not twins right?" Nice. But that's was a 25 pound difference can do. Ouch.

I'm just so glad I got to see them all in person in Utah. That was a perfect afternoon. We had better do it again soon!

Miss you!!


PS I love your family picture on the header. It's only appropriate that a family that lives in AZ has a snowy picture at Christmas time.

Diane said...

Okay Julz-

This spot looks so cute! I'm excited that someone in the family is blogging. Does that count for all of us? Bryce talks about Tanner and Riley all the time. He can't figure out why he can't go to their house and play! We miss you! We are really excited for Matt and the boys next week!

naomi said...

Fun to see all the kids growing up! Thanks for the link.

Crystal said...

I love that picture up top!!! And even more then one of the two babies makes me ALMOST want to have twins.

WishTrish said...

Julie! I'm so glad you are online with us bloggers! Welcome. You are the awesomest possumest!

You are going to LOVE blogging, you are such a natural writer!