Friday, September 5, 2008

First day of School

Brayden, Chase and Mia started school on July 28. Brayden is a 6th grader, Chase is a 3rd grader and Mia finally started Kindergarten!!!! It's about time. She missed the cutoff for kindergarten last year by a month, so she was pretty bored last year. Fortunately, it is all day Kindergarten here just like Kentucky. Since 6th grade is still in elementary school, I get to have one year with my kids all in the same school.Since they go to a traditional school, they have to wear red, white or blue collared shirts to school. The night before school started, the kids were all very excited to pick out which shirt to wear. For some reason they aren't that excited anymore as they've been in school over a month!! As it turned out, they each chose different colors.

Mia insisted on wearing this brand new headband that we found at the Children's Place. She would wear this headband everyday if I let her!

Chase had to switch schools this year so I could have all my kids in the same school. He was nervous, but came home having made a bunch of new friends.

Brayden, being a 6th grader, pretty much went to school feeling pretty cool.

Mia, Chase and Brayden-I have no idea why there is some weird reflection on Brayden's shirt and if I knew anything about photoshop, I would have fixed it!

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Jamie Young said...

Awww, aren't they a cute little bunch? I can't believe you are going to have a middle-schooler next year! Mia always looks so cute, atleast with girls you can accessorize the boring uniforms :) We had a great time yesterday, thanks for coming!