Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tanner's Goggles

My kids all love to swim, but Tanner and Riley have really gotten into it this summer. They took swimming lessons and they're actually swimming pretty well. We have tons of goggles laying around our pool, but for some reason, Tanner has taken to the blue ones. These are HIS goggles and no one else is allowed to use them.
He is consantly having me adjust his goggles to get them to the perfect fit!
A rare moment where Tanner is not wearing his goggles. Does he look like Chase or what?


Bill and Tara said...

so cute! Tiny P also has a favorite pair. Blue and yellow with dolphins as the lenses. She will ONLY wear that pair and look out if I forgot them at home!

Chelsea said...

CUTE. Brayden is obsessed with goggles as well. So much in fact that Jeremy thinks we need to "wean" him off...he refuses to open his eyes under water without them.

Nichole said...

He is chases twin! My kids do the same thing with goggles! Color matters apparently!

Jamie Young said...

Ha, ha! Jayden is obsessed with goggles too and even has to wear them at the beach (even if he's only building sand castles and is nowhere near the waves). I'm impressed with your little swimmers, they're so cute!

Cheryl said...

I tell ya, if Chase and Tanner had been born at the same time I would have bet money that they were identical.

I love the goggles. Being a twin and one of the youngest of five, you've got to have something of you own!