Friday, September 17, 2010

Camping Labor Day Weekend 2010

"Pickles Reunion 2010"

We went camping with some of our great friends over Labor Day Weekend. Scott and Nicole Pickles came up with the idea and scouted out a great spot a little past Payson the weekend before. They posted "Pickles Reunion" signs and pitched their tent in hope of holding our campsite until the next weekend. Sure enough the sign was still there, as well as the tent, and the campsite was still ours. The Figgins, Erikson's and us all slept in tents (ours was borrowed from the Pickles') while the Pickles' and Young's slept in the lap of luxury of their newly purchased tent trailers. We still had a great time, but I found myself envious of those with the tent trailers!

Scott and Nicole found us a really nice spot to camp.

Tanner really got into finding wood for the campfire:

Jason took the kids to look for wood and everyone got into it:

Here the kids are enjoying all their hard work around the campfire. Everyone looks so beautiful after a night of camping!


Kylie and Mia

Tanner, in desperate need of a haircut!

Mia, Riley, Mikayla and Kylie.

All the kids at the campout. As usual, Brayden was the oldest.

Us moms, looking lovely after a night of camping.

Tanner with some huge bug on his shoulder.


Kosty with his new short haircut!

Scott seemed to keep all the kids entertained with different activities.

Jayden made a friend that everyone wanted.

We went to Christopher Creek to let the kids play there:

We left after playing in the creek since Matt would not miss the opening BYU football game. We were bummed since the Herrera's came up with their quads and we didn't get to ride on them. We had a fun time camping with great friends, and yes, Nicole, we would love to go again!!!

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Jamie said...

Yes, that Dutchman was definately the lap of luxury, ha! What a fun weekend, I'm so glad you guys were able to come!