Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween this year ended up being a crazy day. Since it was on a Saturday, we had 4 ball games and Riley and Mia were not feeling all that well. We had a bunch of neighbors over to grill and have a potluck in front of our house. Then we took the kids trick-or-treating, followed by a movie that we projected to a wall on our driveway. Brayden, being a 7th grader, chose to go trick-or-treating with his friends (10 girls and 3 boys). When they were done, I took them to a haunted house some friends of ours put on each year. It was a fun Halloween for everyone.

My one picture of all the kids. Everyone seems to look pretty happy in this picture. Riley was a fairy, Tanner was Anikan Skywalker, Mia was an Asian princess and the older boys traded each others costumes from last year. They couldn't figure out what they wanted to be, so they dug through my costume bin and Chase ended up as Slash and Brayden was and "old school rapper".

Brayden with his good friends, Jack and Grady.

Rylee was the girl in the green scarf from Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Chase with Jake, who was a piece of Papa John's Pizza!

Chase, AKA Slash!

A bunch of the kids on our street.

I took Brayden and his friends to the Jenson's house to be towed around their neighborhood on a trailer. They had a great time.

Here's the group that Brayden trick-or-treated with. I joke that it's his harem. He has such a great friendship with these 7th grade girls that we go to church with. In typical fashion, notice the 3 boys to 8 girls (plus 2 little sisters). Isn't that how it always is? More girls than boys!

Erin and Allie. I loved Erin's cat costume!

On the trailer!

I ran back over to our neighborhood to take the twins trick-or-treating. Chase and Mia had taken off with their friends, leaving me with Riley and Tanner. Riley's was starting to feel sick again by that point and she didn't want to walk, so I had to get the wagon out.

After trick-or-treating, everyone came back to our house to watch Monsters Vs. Aliens.

Mia sorting through her candy

Trunk or Treat

The night before Halloween, our ward had it's annual Trunk-or-Treat. It was fun, but sad since we knew our ward was getting split 2 days later.

Riley was feeling really sick. I probably shouldn't have brought her, but this picture pretty much captured her mood for the night.

Tanner was Spider-man since we couldn't find half of his Anikan Skywalker costume. Fortunately we found it in time for Halloween.

I don't think the twins look happy to be with me!

Lia, Mia and Camilla

Bray with Allie and Rahgan, who was the "Balloon Boy."

Brayden and Rylee goofing off as usual.

Melissa, Chelsea and me.

With Chris and Michelle Jenson.

Jason and Jamie were dressed as Jon and Kate Gosselin. I loved the wig!!!

Jake and Chase, who had abandoned his costume by this point.

Preschool Halloween Party

The twins had their Shining Stars Halloween party. Here are a couple pics from that day:

Riley with Madison and Sadie, a couple of her best friends.


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Keep blogging're getting closer to being caught up!!! That was a fun Halloween, I don't think I knew your kids didn't feel well though. I know Makell still loved hanging out with Mia!

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