Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jonas Brothers - Sept. 14, 2010

Jonas Brothers Concert
Jamie discovered that general admission tickets to see the Jonas Brothers was only $10. We got a ton of moms and daughters together to sit on the grass and watch Demi Lovato, the Camp Rock Kids and of course, the JoBros. My girls were so excited to go. We had a bunch of full cars in our group. Melissa, Jamie and I rode together.

Getting ready to leave my house. Mia, Kylie and Marlee all had to wear their rockstar shirts they made at Kylie's party.
Here are the coolest moms in the world!! We were as bad as the kids trying to get us to look at the same camera. Unfortunatley Marcee, Chelsea and Jamie are looking the other way.

Here I am with Mia

And here I am with Riley

The Rockstar girls!

Riley with Lilee

This was the closest we could get. Here the girls were waiting for the Jonas Bros to come on. The grass seats weren't the greatest, but the girls had a fun time.

Here are some of my favorite girls- Allie and McKenna. They're also Brayden's good friends.

Lilee and Riley expressing their love for Nick. Unfortunately there's some weird shadow.

By the end of the night, Riley had crashed on the blanket and I had to carry her most of the way to the car-and she isn't light!!

After the concert- all rocked out and Riley had barely woken up. It was a late, but fun night for the girls.


Chelsea said...

woohoo julie!! so proud! Even before I got your email I was planning on checking in. :)

haha, sorry about the 3 idiots looking the other way, sheesh, what happened there!?

loved the pickles reunion. Love that shot of kosty!

sarah said...

Go Julie Go. I about fell over when I saw under your name 12 hours ago updated :-) Whats a year anyway? Looks like you are having tons of fun over yonder. Keep blogging sister!

Jamie said...

You have been one busy blogger, love it! I need to go dish up a big bowl of ice-cream and get ready to read this blogging marathon.