Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pinewood Derby and Blue and Gold Banquet

Pinwood Derby and Blue and Gold Banquet
I'm a little slow getting these on the blog since the Blue and Gold Banquet was in February and the Pinwood Derby was at the beginning of March. For the Blue and Gold Banquet the kids had to make a cake that represented a state. Of course, Chase chose Kentucky. We made green coconut grass, made a white picket fence out of popsicle sticks and put a bunch of plastic horses on top. Here's how it turned out:

Chase won a compass as his prize for most creative cake.
Pinewood Derby
Once again, we scrambled to get Chase's Pinewood Derby car put together. He and Matt started making it just a couple days before the race. It actually turned out pretty well since he got 6th place out of over 30 cars! He ended up winning most of his heats until the very end. My trick to a good car is buying the pre-cut cars at Michaels!

It was quite an elaborate set up for the big race.

Parker and Chase before their heat.

Chase with his sweet silver car!!!

Brayden and Trevor cheered Chase on. Check out Bishop Guttery in the background.

Brayden and Trevor with the girls who happened to TP us later that night!!! It's OK, Brayden and Trevor got them back the next week!


Nichole said...

Such a cute idea to do the cakes! Fun pictures! We have our pinewood derby this week. Lets make a goal to get together this month.

Brigitta said...

Love the Kentucky cake, very cute. Yes the scramble to the the car done. Been there, done that and looks like will be doing that for many years to come. Good job on 6th place

Kristen said...

So, so cute! He deserved every bit of the creativity prize. Coconut grass it perfect! What a cute idea!

Betsy's Blog said...

Congratulations Chase for making a cake about the best state of the 50 - Kentucky. Robert misses his great friend! Julie you don't age - what is your secret?
Love, Betsy

harmon family said...

Ahhh, the Pine wood derby. The best thing about scouts;)

Jamie Y said...

Quite the fancy cake! I didn't know scouting is so intense with cake baking, car making...thanks for the heads up (especially about the pre-cut cars)!

Kristi said...

Missing you here in Kentucky, where I get to look at a real field and horses on the way to church each day (well, for about 2 more months anyway....)