Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ice Skating

Ice Skating

We had been wanting to go ice skating at the new rink in Gilbert for a few months now. Thanks to Amy, who planned it, we finally got together with a few other other families and did it. When I was young, I wanted to be Dorothy Hamill, after seeing her in the Olympics. I even took figure skating lessons for a short time and proved that I really didn't have a talent for it, but I have always enjoyed it. My friend, Candy, and I were trying to pass off a merit badge for ice skating for Brayden and Cameron. It was pretty funny trying to figure out what we had to do to pass it off. Does anyone know what it means to do a "shoot the duck" on ice skates? That was something to pass off for the merit badge. We totally guessed on that one!
A couple group shots of some of the kids in our group.

Cameron and Brayden being too cool.
I pretty much had to hold onto Mia's hand the entire time. She was pretty unsteady. She was starting to get the hang of it by the end of the day.
Candy had a similar experience with Jillian. She couldn't let go of her much.
Here I am with CJ, Mia, Devin and Devin's friend.
Kristen with Lexie, Savannah and Avery.

Jake, CJ, Mia and Chase

Jillian and Mia. They actually let go of me and Candy for a short time!


Jake, CJ, Chase, Bray, Lexie and Allie.


Jen said...

Looks like fun. If you've read my blog lately ice skating is one of those things I literally dream that I am amazing at. How fun that you got to take lessons. What fun friends you have. Your kids are growing too fast!

Bunch of Brooks' said...

That looks you you guys had a lot of fun! We need to check that place out one of these days!

Amy Jo said...

Thanks for putting pictures of my kids on your blog since I haven't updated mine in forever! Ice skating was totally fun. Avery out lasted everyone, they kicked her off at 5:00, that's 3 1/2 hrs skating! Maybe she'll be the next Dorthy Hammil. Thanks for goning with us, we'll have to do it again in the summer to beat the heat.

Allie Hancock said...

Love the pictures! I had so much funand I am glad you were there! Lov Ya!!!