Tuesday, June 30, 2009

End of School 2009

End of the School Year 2009

Here are pictures from some of our end of the school year activities:

Preschool Graduation

It's hard to believe the twins completed their first year of preschool at Miss Nicole's Shining Stars Preschool. They have loved every minute of it. When it isn't a preschool day they still want to go to school. They learned a ton too. I feel like when you have 5 kids, you don't work with your youngest kids nearly as much as you did with your oldest. Thanks Nicole for all they've learned from you!! Nicole gave a super cute graduation program complete with graduation caps!

Riley!! Great smile!

Tanner, love the fake smile!

The class doing the Pledge of Allegience. I'm noticing that Riley is one of the few kids that actually has her right hand over her heart!

Yep, they really are twins!!! And Tanner really is 14 minutes older!

Riley with Miss Nicole and her cute packet of stuff she sent home.

Tanner really loves Miss Nicole, but for some reason doesn't look too happy!

Kindergarten Graduation
CTA put on a great Kindergarten graduation program. They had a cute program with singing and speaking parts. Mia recited a short poem. I was so impressed that my shy little Mia actually did it. We ran off to Mia's dance recital right afterwards, but it all worked out. It was also nice that my mom was in town for all of it.

Mia with her wonderful teacher, Mrs. Moore .

Singing one of their cute songs. Belle, the little blonde girl behind Mia, was in the same dance class as Mia. She already had her make-up done for the recital!

After the main program, Mrs. Moore had a slide show and award ceremony. Here is Mia waiting for it to begin.

Hailey, Camilla, Mia, Taylor and Avery

Mia, Kinley and Camilla

Mia and Lia

Mrs. Moore and Mia. We love you Mrs. Moore!

Brayden's Last Days of 6th Grade

It's hard to believe that elementary school is over for Brayden. For the last few days of school, the kids were given free dress days, had field day, played Survivor and had the traditional 6th graders against the teachers softball game. I stopped by for field day and the end of the year party and yearbook signing. Here are some pics from field day:

Here are some pics from the end of the year party and yearbook signing:
Brayden with his best friends: Brayden, Trevor, Cameron, Dallen and Jack

Brayden with his homeroom teacher, Mrs Suhre, along with Zane, Brendan, Noah, Nathan and some other kids.

The twins got in on the yearbook signing. Tanner is signing McKenna's yearbook!

Brayden with his friend, Emily Malm

Goofing off in the hallway with a bunch of kids from church: Lauren, Brooke, McKenna, Kaylie, Devin, Loren, Brendan and Brayden

Brayden, Trevor, Cameron, Dallen and some other kids with Mrs. Pisano, Brayden's other 6th grade teacher.

Tanner and Riley continued signing yearbooks!

What a great school year the kids had. I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of Chase's end of the year party. When I stopped by his class they were watching a movie with the lights off!

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Vicki said...

You can bring your twins to the elementary school without getting kicked out by your principle? Man that ROCKS.

Cute pictures. I miss you. Call me.